Keep on Keepin’ On

I recently came across a journal I’d started keeping in January 2012 for a paltry 2 months (which currently has an appointment with my new shredder). Such self-indulgent, embarrassing drivel. To say I was not in a good place at that time is an understatement. Most of it is whining endlessly about money, but this bit of indignation amused me:

“What’s with gas [at] $3.65 now? It was $3.29 a few days ago.”

Well, there you go. Some thing are worse, but sometimes things actually do get better, so don’t lose faith. There were some other poignant things, but really, I’d rather purge the emotional purging and look forward, not to the past.

After railing about how people appreciate creatives, but no one wants to pay artists what we are worth, I said this:

“Here’s to the crazy creatives. We do keep things interesting.”

Yes. Yes, we do. So keep on creating. Take the photos, write the songs, the screenplays, the poems. Jump into the scene and heighten it. Receive your gifts, and give your gifts. Be in awe of the talent and skill of others. Inspire them back and reinspire yourself.

Go. Do. Create. And hope. Spring is coming.