Backblaze Saved My Butt

When my 21″ iMac went belly-up and I had to get a new computer in a hurry (hello,  super-speedy 15″MacBook Pro!), the backup migration from my external HD went pretty well. BUT…and it’s a big but…I had turned Time Machine OFF while Ol’ Mac was in the last stages of dying because I needed to finish a project and the Time Machine backup (which is not frequency or time customizable*) was slowing things down waaaaay too much. Well, the unimaginable happened. I forgot to  turn it back on, and when I returned a few days later, the hard drive in the iMac had followed the Light. Dead. Dead as a doornail.

Once I got the new unit, like I said, transfer went well. I did it myself and saved the $99. But that last work I did of course wasn’t there. Thank you, Backblaze! I was able to find the Lightroom and Photoshop files I needed to load on Lil’ Mac. The Lightroom adjustments were still there. I don’t remember on which blog I first read about BB, but so glad I checked it out last March and signed up for a year. Seriously, people! $5 a  month for UNLIMITED cloud backup. DO IT. Simple, easy, cheap, works, saves your butt.

You’re welcome. Tell ’em I sent ya, and we both get a month free.

*Apple Folks: please let us decide when and how often we schedule the automatic backups in Time Machine. Pretty please?


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