Don’t spill a drop–retouch the whole glass!


Last June the fellow in front of me at the Grand Canyon inadvertently provided me a great photo op by placing his wineglass where I wanted to photograph the setting sun. I loved the shot, but it always bothered me that the glass was tilted. (Yes, I am the person who straightens the pictures in the doctor’s office.)




I raised the shadows slightly in Lightroom first. In Photoshop, I used the pen tool to make a selection of the wine glass, placed it on its own layer and hid the layer until later, used content-aware fill to fill in the now blank spot on the original (copy of the original). This took several attempts; I’m not great at the pen tool. I touched up the background where content-aware fill tried its best but went a little wonky. Two suns? Only in Star Wars. Then I revealed the isolated wineglass layer, adjusted the angle, blended the edges, and copied a little faux rock foreground to obscure the base so the wineglass did not appear to be floating in space. Oops! The glass was now straight but the liquid inside was still at an angle. That darned gravity! Used the liquify filter to even that out, and also to touch up the rim of the (inexpensive) wineglass. I touched up some but not all of the smudgy fingermarks; this was a real moment and a real person, not a staged commercial shoot. I added an oh-so-suble lens flare because, believe it or not, I thought the sun rays almost looked fake without it, even though it isn’t in the original photo.

So there you have it. With Photoshop, you won’t spill a drop!

(Thank you, Friend, whoever you are, for having the foresight to bring a glass of wine with you to enjoy a spectacular sight.)



Fresh Air! (No Times Square)

Serendipity in the suburbs. Found this little haven of peace in a western suburb (Chicago suburb, not “out west”) while photographing a post-remodel master bath nearby for awesome interior designer Veronica Devereaux’s website. We bought some eggs, met the girls, and had a little spontaneous vacation on a lovely spring day.


The Rock Star.

untitled shoot-085-Retina

The Groupies.

untitled shoot-086-Retina

It’s a Hen Party!

untitled shoot-089-Retina

untitled shoot-100-Retina

untitled shoot-106-Retina

Why are you on my level, One-eye?

untitled shoot-114-Retina

A young gal, not yet ready to join the flock.

untitled shoot-118-Retina

The owner trains jumpers.

untitled shoot-121-Retina

The Welcoming Committee.

untitled shoot-125-Retina

Friendly resident.

untitled shoot-129-Retina

Mimi, another local.

Keep on Keepin’ On

I recently came across a journal I’d started keeping in January 2012 for a paltry 2 months (which currently has an appointment with my new shredder). Such self-indulgent, embarrassing drivel. To say I was not in a good place at that time is an understatement. Most of it is whining endlessly about money, but this bit of indignation amused me:

“What’s with gas [at] $3.65 now? It was $3.29 a few days ago.”

Well, there you go. Some thing are worse, but sometimes things actually do get better, so don’t lose faith. There were some other poignant things, but really, I’d rather purge the emotional purging and look forward, not to the past.

After railing about how people appreciate creatives, but no one wants to pay artists what we are worth, I said this:

“Here’s to the crazy creatives. We do keep things interesting.”

Yes. Yes, we do. So keep on creating. Take the photos, write the songs, the screenplays, the poems. Jump into the scene and heighten it. Receive your gifts, and give your gifts. Be in awe of the talent and skill of others. Inspire them back and reinspire yourself.

Go. Do. Create. And hope. Spring is coming.


Dream Studio!

This first one especially–would love have something like this as a photo studio. Look at all that great natural light!