I’ve gotten two of these requests that I suspect were scams in the last week. The language they used is almost identical to what is written in the following article. The first one offered to pay travel to a location 2 hours from me and wanted 6 portraits after the event. Did not first ask for my availability for a certain day. Huh? Would a family reunion really revolve around the availability of an untried photographer? I said no to that one.  The second one sent an email from a completely different name, proposed the same thing (what is my availability, only 5 hours work, did I take credit cards, etc.). No mention of where he got my name. We communicated a little via text last night but I was about to eat dinner, so I called the number today. It was a Google Voice number but I could not understand anything being said as it sounded like it was in an underwater factory, and the person on the other end had such a thick foreign accent. He kept asking how I was doing–I got that part. Again, asked if I took credit cards. I said I could only take a cc through Paypal. He also provided me with an address where the event would take place. It is a 1 bedroom apartment! 40-50 people, portraits after, 5 hours of work (“only” 5 hours!). This is where I got suspicious (duh–finally) and Googled “scam seeking photographer for family reunion” and found this:


Fresh Air! (No Times Square)

Serendipity in the suburbs. Found this little haven of peace in a western suburb (Chicago suburb, not “out west”) while photographing a post-remodel master bath nearby for awesome interior designer Veronica Devereaux’s website. We bought some eggs, met the girls, and had a little spontaneous vacation on a lovely spring day.


The Rock Star.

untitled shoot-085-Retina

The Groupies.

untitled shoot-086-Retina

It’s a Hen Party!

untitled shoot-089-Retina

untitled shoot-100-Retina

untitled shoot-106-Retina

Why are you on my level, One-eye?

untitled shoot-114-Retina

A young gal, not yet ready to join the flock.

untitled shoot-118-Retina

The owner trains jumpers.

untitled shoot-121-Retina

The Welcoming Committee.

untitled shoot-125-Retina

Friendly resident.

untitled shoot-129-Retina

Mimi, another local.