Wright-Way Rescue Family Photo Op

I’ve just made arrangements to do family & pooch portraits at Wright-Way’s facility in Morton Grove in November. Stay tuned for de-tails!


A Day Gone To The Dogs (in a good way)

One of the coolest things about being a photographer is the opportunity to share your gift and provide people with photos. On Sunday, my guy participated in a 5K to benefit Wright-Way Rescue Run for Rescue and Wag Fest in Morton Grove, IL. I went along for the ride and to take some pictures (with permission from the organizers, of course). I got some shots of my guy (who came in first in his age category–yay!) and some of the table exhibitors and sponsors, DJ, volunteers, and of course the 2 and 4-legged runners. It was a great day for a run, and lots of fun!



This is my favorite shot!






A little too young to be a runner, but definitely looking for a new home!


Augh! I forgot the DJ’s name, but he played some great music and was super-friendly.

IMG_0460IMG_0506IMG_0530IMG_0542 IMG_0543

Being Distracted at Work. It’s as American as…well, you know.

Made pie the other day. Started with these…

pieapplesAnd ended up with this…

applepieThis is the America’s Test Kitchen Deep Dish Apple Pie Recipe, by the way. I didn’t trim the all-butter crust enough (‘cuz you just can’t get enough crust!), and I probably should have stuck the assembled pie back in the fridge to firm up more before baking. The fluted edge morphed into a Hello, Dali mushroom-like thing, but it is delicious nonetheless! Next time I am getting that old school device that clamps onto the table and peels and slices the apples all in one shot.



I’ve gotten two of these requests that I suspect were scams in the last week. The language they used is almost identical to what is written in the following article. The first one offered to pay travel to a location 2 hours from me and wanted 6 portraits after the event. Did not first ask for my availability for a certain day. Huh? Would a family reunion really revolve around the availability of an untried photographer? I said no to that one.  The second one sent an email from a completely different name, proposed the same thing (what is my availability, only 5 hours work, did I take credit cards, etc.). No mention of where he got my name. We communicated a little via text last night but I was about to eat dinner, so I called the number today. It was a Google Voice number but I could not understand anything being said as it sounded like it was in an underwater factory, and the person on the other end had such a thick foreign accent. He kept asking how I was doing–I got that part. Again, asked if I took credit cards. I said I could only take a cc through Paypal. He also provided me with an address where the event would take place. It is a 1 bedroom apartment! 40-50 people, portraits after, 5 hours of work (“only” 5 hours!). This is where I got suspicious (duh–finally) and Googled “scam seeking photographer for family reunion” and found this:


This is why I keep watching tutorials!

Wow–I thought this was a decent natural light headshot of my friend Craig when I took it a few years ago on a whim. I didn’t do any retouching on it then, other than a spot removal. Didn’t even have Lightroom then. Today I revisited this shot because Craig said he couldn’t find it on his hard drive. I opened it up in Photoshop to see if there was anything more I could do to improve it before sending. Holy cow! So glad I never stop watching tutorials and getting new tools (thank you, Aaron Nace for your excellent teaching and the Phlearn Method bundle!), and I think I was able to clean up this shot a little more with highlight recovery, lightening up the face, smoothing the skin, and a few other minor things. That’s why I (obsessively) keep my RAW and Photoshop files, so I can keep practicing, learning new techniques, and have measurable results of my progress.

Here’s the “before” photo on the left, “revisited” photo on the right.



Fresh Air! (No Times Square)

Serendipity in the suburbs. Found this little haven of peace in a western suburb (Chicago suburb, not “out west”) while photographing a post-remodel master bath nearby for awesome interior designer Veronica Devereaux’s website. We bought some eggs, met the girls, and had a little spontaneous vacation on a lovely spring day.


The Rock Star.

untitled shoot-085-Retina

The Groupies.

untitled shoot-086-Retina

It’s a Hen Party!

untitled shoot-089-Retina

untitled shoot-100-Retina

untitled shoot-106-Retina

Why are you on my level, One-eye?

untitled shoot-114-Retina

A young gal, not yet ready to join the flock.

untitled shoot-118-Retina

The owner trains jumpers.

untitled shoot-121-Retina

The Welcoming Committee.

untitled shoot-125-Retina

Friendly resident.

untitled shoot-129-Retina

Mimi, another local.