Visit With An Old Friend

sweettable_3891 copy-2400pxThis was taken before I even considered photography as a profession. I was at a friend’s home bridal shower and saw how beautifully they had put out a sweet table. When I saw the sunlight kissing the tops of those strawberries, I knew I had to get a shot of that! I need to get more food photography in my portfolio. So, hey Good Lookin’, whatcha got cookin’?


Being Distracted at Work. It’s as American as…well, you know.

Made pie the other day. Started with these…

pieapplesAnd ended up with this…

applepieThis is the America’s Test Kitchen Deep Dish Apple Pie Recipe, by the way. I didn’t trim the all-butter crust enough (‘cuz you just can’t get enough crust!), and I probably should have stuck the assembled pie back in the fridge to firm up more before baking. The fluted edge morphed into a Hello, Dali mushroom-like thing, but it is delicious nonetheless! Next time I am getting that old school device that clamps onto the table and peels and slices the apples all in one shot.