How’s The Family These Days?

Are the old folks looking a little worse for wear? Are their smiles fading along with their puka shells and bell-bottoms? I really like doing family photo restorations. Instead of just helping a company sell more widgets (not that there’s anything wrong with that), I get to see how it impacts people to have precious mementos of loved ones restored. The challenge is good for the brain, and the result is good for the heart.

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Now this next one was a real challenge. Okay, they are all challenges, but this one was a REAL CHALLENGE!

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Practically Perfect Senior Photo Session

How could it not be? Perfect weather, no crowds at our location, and really, look at this gorgeous girl! And truly she is as sweet as she looks. We had a great time. Her mom stepped in as camera assistant, holding my reflector, and helping to deflect any bugs that threatened to get into the act.

Molly-nosteal-22 Molly-nosteal-43Molly-nosteal-77  Molly-nosteal-97