This is why I keep watching tutorials!

Wow–I thought this was a decent natural light headshot of my friend Craig when I took it a few years ago on a whim. I didn’t do any retouching on it then, other than a spot removal. Didn’t even have Lightroom then. Today I revisited this shot because Craig said he couldn’t find it on his hard drive. I opened it up in Photoshop to see if there was anything more I could do to improve it before sending. Holy cow! So glad I never stop watching tutorials and getting new tools (thank you, Aaron Nace for your excellent teaching and the Phlearn Method bundle!), and I think I was able to clean up this shot a little more with highlight recovery, lightening up the face, smoothing the skin, and a few other minor things. That’s why I (obsessively) keep my RAW and Photoshop files, so I can keep practicing, learning new techniques, and have measurable results of my progress.

Here’s the “before” photo on the left, “revisited” photo on the right.




Practically Perfect Senior Photo Session

How could it not be? Perfect weather, no crowds at our location, and really, look at this gorgeous girl! And truly she is as sweet as she looks. We had a great time. Her mom stepped in as camera assistant, holding my reflector, and helping to deflect any bugs that threatened to get into the act.

Molly-nosteal-22 Molly-nosteal-43Molly-nosteal-77  Molly-nosteal-97

I Love Repeat Clients!

I took the engagement photos for this couple for their Save The Date card, and then seven months later was asked to photograph the bridal shower. An enlargement had been made of one of the photos from the previous session. As they were breaking down the decorations in the restaurant, I got the idea to have them pose with the framed photo.

- lowres 210 - lowres